What Dogs May Not Be Suited for Doggy Daycare?

Not all dogs are suitable doggy daycare candidates. It is the responsibility of both the pet parent and the daycare to ensure enrolling in doggy daycare is the best decision.

Yes, dogs are a social species, but just like us, there are some dogs who simply would rather not be around other dogs or other people.

If your dog tends to play well with others, is confident and joyful in new public places, and has an understandable amount of separation anxiety, the match could be perfect. 

There are also times where a Behaviorist is ‘on-deck’ to address any behavioral concerns. In those cases, daycares are able to be more flexible with who they accept.

What if My Dog is Fearful of Others?

Dogs who are fearful of other dogs may easily become reactive-aggressive if they are forced into an area with other dogs where they are not comfortable.

Dogs who have been through traumatic events or have not been socialized thoroughly may also experience aggression in the daycare.

Medical Situations and Senior Dogs at Doggy Daycare

Dogs who have any sort of medical condition may not do well at the average doggy daycare. Of course, there are professionals at some doggy daycares, and if you are opening a doggy daycare this is something you may want to look into. 

Do you have anyone who can provide medication to a dog with a medical condition? Is your facility special needs friendly?

Dogs Who Are Ready for Doggy Daycare

If you have a friendly, active dog who is relatively young and without medical needs, perhaps you just don’t have the time to keep up with socialization and/or exercise, that’s generally the perfect candidate. 

After a full day of work, you may be too tired to go for that hour-long walk or play fetch for 30 minutes. Maybe you would rather pick up your dog and cuddle up on the couch knowing she already had her exercise needs met for the day.

You also do not have to go every single day (although a routine helps). If you only want to take your dog to doggy daycare on your long days, talk to the doggy daycare and set up the times.

What if I Don’t Know if my Dog Will Be Okay at Doggy Daycare?

Perhaps you don’t know if your dog is an a good candidate. Some dogs are friendly and perfectly fine until they arrive at the facility. Then, the panic sets in. If you are considering this, you may want to do a ‘meet-and-greet’ prior to enrolling your pup. 

P.S.- If you have any concerns (medical needs, special needs of any sort, worries, etc.), be certain to ask the doggy daycare. That’s what doggy daycare is for; they are not only available for your dog, but for you as well.

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