So, You Want to Open a Doggy Daycare? Here's How!

If you’re the type of person who absolutely loves to be around dogs, opening a doggy daycare program could be perfect for you (especially if you’re a stay-at-home parent). While others at work, on vacation, or even run errands, they may be searching for someone to keep their dog busy and safe for the day. There’s where you come in.

Chances are a doggy daycare near you would be successful as there aren’t currently many available. The Rover platform has assisted with this; and, you may even want to start there. 

Rover provides all the tools necessary to get you started on the path to every day dog time. Plus, it’s not easy to start your own business immediately so you may want to learn the ropes with Rover first.

Affordability: What is the Cost Surrounding You?

Affordability for your own personal location is critical to understand. For example, a doggy daycare in New York City would generally charge more than a doggy daycare in a small town in Alabama. 

Check around and take a look at the closest doggy daycare in your area. What do they charge? Then, you can take the next step and handle your own personal pricing.

Do Your Research First: Understand the Dog World

Doing your research prior to beginning this venture is critical. You must fully understand dogs prior to beginning a doggy daycare or you may run into problems not only with your clients, but with your dogs as well. 

Be sure to understand how many dogs you are prepared to handle. Understand canine body language. Learn about common canine behavioral problems. Gain a minimum of a basic understanding of various breeds. 

Other Factors to Consider When Opening a Doggy Daycare

Other factors you will need to consider when opening a doggy daycare include the following (especially if you are opening the program yourself as opposed to going through Wag! Or Rover:

  • How big of a daycare do you want to open?
  • Are you going to start small or go big?
  • How much money are you prepared to spend to ensure your company is successful?
  • What is your plan of advertising?
  • How will you handle behavioral issues?
  • How will you separate various dogs?
  • What will your routine look like?
  • Will you require dogs to have vaccinations?
  • What are the state laws where you live regarding this type of business?
  • What type of insurance will you have?


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