How Our CBD Dog Treats Can Help Dog Groomers

Our new CBD dog treat snack packs have arrived and we couldn't be more thrilled to offer them to you. It's not uncommon for dogs to experience anxiety while at the groomer, vet, or other unfamiliar area. 

CBD oil can help reduce their anxiety. Click here to read more about how CBD affects your dog's body (and your own body). 

What is the CBD Snack Pack?

Our Peanut Butter & Honey CBD Dog Treats are an epic way to assist with a dog's therapeutic needs quickly.

They're a delicious treat most dogs love; there's no stress of trying to get the proper amount of CBD oil into the dog's mouth while she is stressed before or during grooming.

What Size is the CBD Dog Treat Snack Pack?

Our Snack Pack Size features an easy to open and close (5x7) pouch that is meant to travel with ease!


What Certifications Does the Snack Pack Have? 

Product Certifications:

  • 1. Made In The USA
  • 2. No GMO
  • 3. GMP Certified 
  • 4. Made With Organic Hemp Powder


Recommendations for Dosage: Zen Bites Snack Pack

Supplement twice a day for overall health and wellness. If necessary gradually exceed dosing weight recommendations for specific occasions.

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