3 Reasons Dog Grooming is Important

We, regardless of how busy we are, live incredibly busy lives. We tend to prioritize our ‘to-do’ list and dog grooming may or may not be toward the top.

What you may not know is grooming is so much more than just a clean coat. Grooming not only means taking care of your pup’s coat, but also her eyes, ears, skin, nails, and teeth.

Let's explain this further.

Dog Grooming Benefit 1: A Dog Who is Well-Cared For

The most obvious benefit is the look of a clean, shiny coat and clipped nails. Dogs whose fur is not maintained may come across to other dog lovers as unhealthy, neglected, and/or aggressive. Maintaining her grooming is likely to increase socialization for both you and your pup.

Dog Grooming Benefit Benefit 2: Clean Bill of Health

If you are trying to compare your dog to yourself in this aspect, you can think of it as being similar to our personal hygiene. If we don’t take a shower, we feel disgusting. Our hair feels greasy. Our body feels dirty. And, it’s just plain out a disgusting feeling.

We may also have to clip our fingernails and/or toenails. Some women also may have their nails done at a spa. 

To put it simply, it’s just part of our routine. Our dog depends on us for their personal hygiene for the most part. They depend on us to make sure they are kept happy, healthy, and beautiful.

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Dog Grooming Benefit 3: Less Shedding Makes for Happier Helpers

Whoever is cleaning your home, whether it’s you or the housekeeper, will likely find your house is significantly cleaner when your dog is groomed regularly. There is less fur all over the house from your dog shedding. And, there’s less dander to irritate any allergies.

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