Common Behavioral Problems at Doggy Daycare

The common behavioral problems in dogs at doggy daycare truly doesn't vary too much between the daycare and every day life.

What behavioral problems have you noticed with your dog? Does your dog get along well with other people? Does your dog get along well with other dogs? Does she suffer from separation anxiety?

All of these are factors to consider when placing her into doggy daycare. We will discuss the most common behavior issues here, though.

Keep in mind, CBD oil has been shown to reduce anxiety, increase calmness, and assist dogs with many behavioral issues. 

Separation Anxiety at Doggy Daycare

If your dog gets upset when you leave, she must learn to understand that you'll always come back.

To begin the behavior modification process in regard to separation anxiety, begin by leaving her alone for just 5 or 10 minutes. 

Then, you can increase the duration of time you are gone each time. As stated prior, CBD oil may also assist her in this process by assisting in keeping her calm while you are away.

Separation anxiety is by far the most common behavioral issue at doggy daycare and it's something you must get a handle on.

Other Behavior Problems at Doggy Daycare

Again, if you are looking to own (or currently own) a doggy daycare, or you are a client looking around, consider an on-call or in-house Canine Behaviorist to assist with behaviors while a dog is becoming accustomed to new environments.

Other common behavioral problems at doggy daycare include:

  • Aggression toward men
  • Dog-to-dog aggression
  • Aggression due to pain (if geriatric in many cases)
  • Placing the wrong dogs together (dogs should be separated based upon their personalities)

More questions? Continue following our blog for more information!

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