Facts You Didn't Know About Your Cat's 'Self Care'

If you've ever had a cat in your family, you know you never really have to give them a bath. Why? Because they clean themselves! But, did you know the following?

1. Cats instinctively clean after eating so they are not detected by potentially threatening animals (AKA predators). Click the link to see what they see as a predator in their eyes.

2. Similar to dogs, cats sweat a little from their paws. But, they are not able to release as much body heat via their paws as dogs are. Instead, they rely on the evaporation of saliva on their fur to maintain body temperature

3. Cat saliva is thought to contain enzymes that allow your cat to use it as a natural antibiotic. If your cat has some type of wound, she may be guarding against some type of infection (instinctively). 

4. When your cat licks herself, she is able to evenly distribute her natural oils in her coat. These natural oils prevent damp fur and assists in sealing in heat to keep her warm. 

5. Similar to how a hairbrush increases blood flow on our scalp, your cat’s tongue increases blood flow. Her tongue is similar to a hairbrush in that it is covered in tiny, bristle-like hairs which improve circulation. If you haven't noticed these on your cat's tongue, take a closer look next time she's grooming.

We would like to encourage you to do more research on your own. There are many cat facts you may never know without doing some digging!

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