Should I Groom My Cat?

In our last blog, you learned (if you didn't already know) that cats spend quite a bit of time cleaning themselves. While they do groom themselves, and generally do a pretty good job, they may still need a little extra grooming help from their human counterpart. 

How often you should groom your cat varies based upon her breed and coat type. Grooming requirements for long-haired cats are much different than grooming requirements for short-haired. 

The Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

There are an overwhelming number of benefits to taking your cat to the groomer including:

  • A healthy, shiny coat
  • Allows the groomer to check for parasites (fleas, ticks)
  • Allows the groomer to check for lumps and bumps which could be a sign of cancer
  • Reduces the amount of 'furballs' in your cat's intestinal passages

Starting Grooming Early

If you have a kitten, starting grooming now will make life much easier in the future. Your cat will become accustomed to being moved around and placed in different positions for grooming.

Should I Give My Cat a Bath?

Generally, no. Cats should not be bathed. Most cats do not take well to being in water and often find it extremely stressful. In rare cases, such as in cats with skin conditions, a veterinarian may recommend a treatment plan.

It's best to take your cat to the groomer to be properly groomed. If your cat is stressed at first, or continues to be stressed, you may want to give CBD oil a try to reduce anxiety prior to entering the grooming practice.




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