Tips and Tricks to Get Your Cat to Eat

Many cats are quite finicky. And this can transcend to feeding time as well. You will want to make sure your cat feels comfortable around mealtime to make sure they are getting the necessary nutrients. Here are 12 tips to make mealtime a little easier on both of you.

Consult Your Vet

If it seems to be difficult to get your cat to eat lately, it may be time to consult your veterinarian. This can help rule out any potential underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to a loss of appetite. 

Create a Routine

Establishing a feeding schedule can help your cat expect food at certain times and be comfortable eating at the times you have established.

Less Treats

It is not going to be easy to stop giving your cute cat treats all the time if you are used to doing so. Treats can decrease your cat’s motivation to eat since they know they can get treats out of you to feel full. But of course you will still want to give your cat treats, so you can set up certain times in the day that you treat your furry bestie!

Thoughts on Toppers?

Sometimes you just need to jazz the meal up a bit to make it seem super yummy for your cat. You can do this by adding a designated topper or by crumbling your cats favorite treat on top. You could even try a treat that has CBD oil for cats in it which could help with stimulating your cat’s appetite as well!

New Food Needed

You may just need to ditch the current food you are giving your cat. This may mean going from a fish based recipe to a poultry based one. You will just have to see what works for your cat. 

Switch It Up, Keep It Fresh

It may not be as easy as switching up the recipe of your cat’s food. You may need to go for a different food type. This can be wet food, kibble, frozen raw, or freeze dried raw.

Add Some Liquid

Sometimes food just needs a little bit of moisture to get it down easily. You can try adding warm, not hot, water over your cat’s food and see if the moisture helps. And, it can help with some extra hydration!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Just like you may have experienced with a kid, sometimes your cat may just need your presence to eat their food. Maybe they just want all eyes on them, so you can just join them during their meal time to show them you are there for them!

Give a Round of Applause

Being there for your cat also means celebrating them when theft have gotten through their meal. This positive reinforcement can excite them and make them equate finishing their meal as a positive action.

Pick Up Uneaten Food

This is important to do if your cat has not gotten through their food for a few hours since you will not want them eating food that could upset their stomach and could encourage them to eat when it is available.

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