Puppy Training 101

It’s hard to argue with the fact that puppies are cute. But they can be quite the handful. You will have to be patient and consistent! Here are some tips that will help you along the way.

Training Tip #1: Managing

The best way to start managing having a puppy around is to have a place for them to have their own alone time so you can take some time off. This will require you to get a suitable crate and work on crate training. You will want to make sure your crate is big enough for them to circle around and lay down in, and this may require changing the size of your dog’s crate as they grow. You want the crate to be their safe place and for them to have a positive experience in it. This will ensure they will want to be there rather than associating their crate with punishment.  You can make it a fun place for them by putting in some toys and treats now and then. Crates are great options when you can’t keep an eye on your dog when you’re busy inside or going out!

Training Tip #2: Socializing

Socialization is important for your puppy and is not just centered around getting your pup to meet other puppies and dogs. You want to make sure their interactions with other animals, humans, and places are positive experiences. This means helping them through their fear since they may often be in an uncomfortable situation when they are seeing something or someone new. You should keep treats on you so that you can give them to your dog to encourage them to be around new things and places. This can also help them keep their attention on you even when exploring new and exciting places.

Training Tip #3: Teaching Focus

It is important to teach your dog focus. They need to learn at a young age that you are the most important. No matter where you go, you can encourage your pup to pay attention to you by rewarding them with treats from time to time. This treatment can help your puppy learn that you are the most important person in their world. This type of focus teaching will help them pay attention to you when you are trying to train them without them getting distracted.

Training Tip #4: Teaching Tricks

It is quite important to teach your puppy a few tricks so that you can pull some tricks out when you need your pup to behave or to impress a friend or stranger. You do not have to get too fancy here. You can stick to teaching your dog simple commands like focus, sit, down, roll over, paw, and settle. The command of settle is often under appreciated but can be very useful in simply having your dog chill out when you need a break. And the best part is they will be right next to you to comfort you while not needing attention.

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