10 Reasons You Need to Become Your Dog's Masseuse

Does your dog get kicking when you start scratching that special spot on their stomach? Just as much as humans appreciate touch, dogs may arguably appreciate touch even more especially when they are getting a good ole’ belly rub! Here are 10 reasons to spend time giving your dog a mini massage.

Reduce Anxiety

Some dogs are much more anxious or excitable than others. These are the dogs that hide in the bathroom during thunderstorms. Massages can really help calm your dog down during a stressful situation like fireworks!

Improve Circulation

You warmup before working out, don't you? Before you let your dog out to play or to go on a walk, you should massage your dog to bring their muscles oxygen which can help improve blood flow and result in optimal functioning. 

Relieve Joint Pain

As your dog ages, they may develop joint pain and arthritis. Some breeds are more prone to having the type of joint issues. Gently rubbing their muscles can help alleviate pain and improve function.

Assist Digestion

Some puppies have more tummy troubles than others. You can promote better bowel movements by giving your pup a 10 minute massage.

Strengthen Immune System

According to research, massage can result in strengthening the immune system. This can make sure you keep your pet’s health in tip-top condition while keeping them resistant to infection and disease.

Promote Deep Breathing

To support healthy lung function, you may need to promote deep breathing. You can give your dog a soothing massage to help them slow down their breath.

Help Prevent Injury

You may do a couple things to prevent injury when you are working out. You will want to do the same for your dog. You can do this before or after your pup has been playing or exercising. This can help you prevent injury to your dog.

Aid Kidneys and Liver

Giving your dog a gentle massage can help with liver and kidney function. These liver and kidney issues are quite common in dogs, so massages can help out.

Move Lymphatic and Fluid

The lymphatic system is very important since it helps with filtering their blood and with draining fluids from tissues. Massages can keep lymph nodes healthy while also keeping lymphatic fluid moving.

Support Well Being

Like many care essentials, massages can help with overall wellbeing. Dog massages can restore energy and balance in their body. You will most likely see your pup enjoying either day more after a nice massage!

Giving your dog a massage is a great way to spend some quality time with your favorite furry friend. You may already like to spend time with time by going on walks, which is another great way to prompt well being. Healthy diets are also a very important part of having your dog maintain a healthy life. Putting dog massages into you and your dog’s daily routine, will definitely elevate the bond between you two. Massages will take those belly rubs, chin scratches, and ear tickles to the next level!

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