Taking a Walk in the Rain? Here's Some Tips

Some dogs may be overjoyed when it starts to downpour outside because that means their walks will get the fun addition of big puddles while other dogs may be quite upset at the prospect of having to go outside while wet droplets hit them left and right. Either way, you are probably disappointed that your dog will carry home that awful wet dog smell home. You may also dread having to control an excited dog or essentially drag a skittish dog. 

It rains a lot more in some places than others, and you can not just sit inside for days on end, waiting for the rain to leave, You are going to have to toughen up and gear your dog up to go on a walk to ensure they can release themselves and get in some necessary exercise. Here are some tips to keep your dog fun and fresh during the rainy season or a particular rainy day. 

Make a Rainy Walk a Pawsitive Experience

You need to set a positive vibe around a rainy walk. You just need to show your dog how fun raindrops and puddles can be! Rainy walks can result in splashing cars exciting and potentially soaking your dog. You will want to ensure you keep your dog secure on a leash. This should hold true to your dog who may not typically be walked on a leash. You will not want a clap of thunder or splash of water to send your dog running away. You will also want to keep the energy high and try to keep your time outside in the rain on the short side. This can limit distractions and you will be pleasantly surprised at how your dog will respond to your energy.

Get Your Gear On for Game Time

You are going to want some good gear and you will want to outfit your dog, too! You can pick up a raincoat for your dog, and try to get one with some sort of reflective element since rain can result in decreased visibility. Also, it is best to leave your umbrella at home since this will take up one of your hands and could blow inside out and have you trying to fix your umbrella while holding onto your dog.

Have a Welcome Home Station

You will definitely want to have a cleanup station ready for when you get home. Your dog, no matter your caution, will most likely be quite wet and may have picked up some mud along the way. Have some water, mild liquid soap, towels, and some handy wet wipes. Your dog will even realize that walks in the rain do not mean staying wet forever.

These tips are great for the rainy season, but if the weather really is not for you, there are alternatives to stay dry. You can definitely use strategy, keep the right gear on hand, and keep the energy high to make a positive rainy day walk. Try not to let the rain ruin you and your dog’s fun!

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