The Benefits of Homemade Dog Treats

Eh, do you really want to make dog treats yourself when you can just go to the store and buy some? We're so busy, and tired, and ready to relax. But, there are so many benefits to making your dog's treats at home.

Some dog lovers discover they actually enjoy making their own dog treats once they begin. 

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The Incredible Benefits of Homemade Dog Treats

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  • You know everything that's in there- you are aware of all the ingredients (after all, you're the one that put them there)
  • You can adjust the portion size for your unique dog. Make them big, small, medium, or teeny tiny for our special little dogs.
  • Creates an extra bonding experience for yourself and your dog 
  • You can have a good supply of dog treats without spending a fortune


Keep an Eye Out for Our CBD Dog Treat Recipes

Tomorrow, we will post our own CBD dog treat recipes! Keep in touch! Your dog will love them!

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