Does Your Dog Get Embarrassed?

Some dogs are graceful and elegant in their walk. Others, well- not so much. And, even graceful dogs stumble from time to time. Or, make some type of other 'oopsie.'

Do you think your dogs get embarrassed? There are various thoughts on this topic. We will share a few with you today.

Secondary Emotions and Dog Embarrassment 

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The question is... do dogs get embarrassed? 

The truth to this question is we don’t know.

Researchers and scientists are still trying to determine if dogs can feel these types of emotions.

They're aware it's completely possible as they learn more about canine cognition. 

There was once a point scientists had no idea dogs had the ability to experience any type of emotion other than happiness and sadness. Wow, was that wrong. That was more of a theory a truth- and that's what we are looking at here in regard to embarrassment. Can scientists prove dogs feel this secondary emotion?

Scientists have now discovered dogs can feel anger, sadness, happiness, fear, and empathy.

There are some scientists who fully believe dogs can feel embarrassed whereas others are firm dogs are not mentally capable of feeling such an emotion.

Primary and Secondary Emotions: What's the Difference?

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Happiness and sadness are essentially known as ‘natural reactions.’

Basically every mammal is able to experience happiness and sadness; that's why they are considered primary emotions or natural emotions.

Mammals, like gorillas, for example can display happiness and sadness significantly but even a mammal like the otter can feel these types of emotions. 

Embarrassment is known as a secondary emotion because it requires self-reflection.

BUT, here's something that leads scientists to believe embarrassment is completely possible- empathy is a secondary emotion.

Empathy is complex.

And, it wasn’t until recently scientists discovered that dogs are able to empathize with people and other dogs. If dogs can experience empathy, why wouldn't they be able to experience embarrassment? 

Research is Ongoing Regarding Dog Embarrassment and More

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Research is an on-going process and scientists are always learning something new to share with the world.

Especially as dog lovers, we are always trying to learn more. And, honestly, quite a bit of the research is ‘pushed along’ by dog lovers just like you.

Continue supporting and researchers will continue researching. 

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