3 Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

We were going to discuss adopting a cat in general today, but with the overwhelming number of adult cats in shelters and rescues, we are going to discuss the perks of adopting a senior cat. 

Perk 1: Senior Cats Are What You See

You see what you get with an older cat. Their personality has already been developed.

Unlike a kitten, you know exactly who your cat is and if her personality type will fit in with your family. You will know if he's what you're looking for in a kitty.

The same ideas goes toward appearance, too. Again, senior cats are what you see. You can tell if she's long-haired, short-haired, fluffy, scruffy, and everything in between.

Perk 2: Senior Cats are Calmer

If you have ever had a kitten, you will know exactly what this means. Kittens and young cats get in a lot of trouble. 

Kittens are curious about the world surrounding them. They may even walk up to the plant on your window sill and push it off just to see what happens. They're in their 'kid' life.

Older cats often sleep more, get in less trouble, and are more keen to cuddle. Of course they still have their own unique personality, but they're often much easier to care for. 

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Perk 3: Senior Cats are Less Likely to Be Adopted

Senior cats are less likely to be adopted (especially if they're a black senior cat).

They're looking for a home to spend their final days. And, they may have many left if they're able to escape to somewhere they can roam, be happy, and cuddled.

Attention goes a long way.

Learn More about Senior Cats

We encourage here to do some additional research if you're considering adopting a senior cat so you know exactly what you're searching for (plus you can learn some more perks). 

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