Can Cats Learn to Use the Toilet?

There are an unbelievable number of people who look at cleaning the litter box as the most disgusting chore. When you think about it, cleaning poop out of dirt isn't exactly the most attractive idea.

Before we start talking about the steps, we must note here toilet training is not for every cat. There are some cats who accept this idea easily and others who have no interest. Don't forget, each cat has his or her own personality and preferences. 

The Cat Toilet Training Questions 

The main questions to ask yourself before you start the steps include:

  • Is your cat full-grown?
  • Is your cat healthy?
  • Does she use the litterbox well?
  • Is she outgoing?
  • Is he open to new ideas?
  • Does he learn quickly?

Steps to Cat Toilet Training

If you answered yes to the above questions (or at least the majority), you can move on to trying the steps to train your cat to use the human potty. Wouldn't that be a guest favorite?

Here we go.

  1. Place the litter box next to the toilet. (Note: if you have more than one bathroom, place it in the bathroom where you feel your cat is most comfortable).
  2. Leave the litter box next to the toilet for a few days to a week so she’s able to accept the new placement.
  3. Begin raising the litter box toward the toilet using some type of stand once your cat has accepted the new placement. 
  4. Wait until your cat is comfortable with the height of the litter box before raising it up another notch. The goal is for the litter box to be the same height as the toilet over a period of time.
  5. Put the litter box on the toilet. This isn’t really an option if you don’t have two bathrooms or more in your home (unless you want to be the one going outside). But, if this is a possibility, and your cat has come this far, the litterbox should only have to be on there for three to four days or so.
  6. Now it’s time for the Litter Kwitter. If you have read about this anywhere, especially magazines, you have likely seen this product. The Litter Kwitter is a round tray that fits in your toilet. The Litter Kwitter is a step-by-step solution the for remainder of the process (almost time to use the toilet).
  7. Remove the litter tray. 

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Image: Litter Kwitter on

If all the steps above worked, you now have a kitty who uses the toilet! Congratulations! It worked!

It’s important to remember your cat may backtrack or move forward faster than you expect. Patience!

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