Summer Events with Pets

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In case you missed it, it’s almost summertime! And with restrictions being lifted and everyone getting vaccinated, it looks like we are on track to go back to enjoying some of our favorite summer activities. Just remember when you are out and about that you still need to follow both CDC guidelines and your local regulations! If we want things to continue to re-open, everyone needs to do their part to stay safe and healthy. 

Another great thing is that many of the outdoor summer events in Los Angeles (and in many other cities) are pet-friendly! Bringing your pup can be fun for the whole family and allows your dog to get some exercise and socialize. There are just a few things to remember when bringing your pet to some of these outdoor events. 

  1. Make sure they are on a leash

    1. No matter how well training your dog is, nearly every outdoor event requires that your dog is on a leash. This is for safety reasons. Please be respectful of the rule so that these events can remain pet-friendly. 

  2. Bring poop bags

    1. Whenever you leave your house/property with your dog you need to bring poop bags. You never know when your pet will feel the urge to go and no one takes kindly to owners not picking up after their pets. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to clean up after them. 

  3. Bring water

    1. If you are planning to be out for a while walking around a flea market, outdoor concert, etc, it is super important to bring water for your dog. It is easy for dogs to overheat and get dehydrated in warm weather, so be responsible and bring them water. 

  4. Be mindful of the temperature

    1. Just like humans, dogs can overheat and have a heat stroke. Is it important that you give your dog water and go in the shade often to avoid a bad situation. And if the weather is boiling hot, consider leaving your pet at home. At the end of the day, their health and safety should take priority. 

What will be open this summer? 

     If you are in the Los Angeles area there are tons of outdoor pet-friendly events happening this summer. On Sundays, there are tons of farmer’s markets and flea markets all around LA. One of our favorites is the Melrose Trading Post which is located in the West Hollywood area, at Fairfax High School. Pets are always welcome, the entrance fee is relatively low, and there are tons of cool booths to check out. A few of the booths even sell pet products. One booth that is there every Sunday is Zen Frenz. They are a pet wellness brand that specializes primarily in CBD products. They have everything from shampoos to treats to bandanas. They also give out free treats and water for pets, so even if you aren’t planning to buy anything they are a great booth to stop by. Another booth we see often sells pet collars and other pet accessories. 

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