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  1. Zen Frenz 

The podcast is hosted by Zen Frenz founder Alex Gray and each week he invites a pet owner/pet Instagram account to come on the show and interviews them on their experience as a pet owner. For example, the first episode featured Emily McCormick, the owner of two huskies, Halo and Khaleesi from Bad Axe, Michigan. The podcast is especially enticing because the stories are so diverse. Some episodes make you want to cry as you hear about the awful conditions in which pet owners found their pets, while others highlight hilarious times spent with their pups. Also, you certainly don’t have to be a pet owner to listen! The podcast is great for anyone with pets, without pets, looking for pets, and everyone else in between. 

Where can I listen?

You can listen on all major podcast streaming platforms including Audible, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts for free! Not only are the podcasts easy to access but they are also great to listen to in the car, while working out, or on the plane. 

Here are a couple of links to the podcast!

-Spotify - Zen Frenz Podcast | Podcast on Spotify 

Zen Frenz Podcast on Apple Podcasts

  1. The Great Dog Adventure

The Great Dog Adventure is hosted by dog trainer Fernando “Fern” Comacho. In his podcast, he challenges his listeners to make every day with your pup an adventure. His podcast is funny, informative and the episode topics are very diverse. 

Where can I listen? 

The Great Dog Adventure on Apple Podcasts

  1. Can I Pet Your Dog?

“Can I pet your dog is a comedy podcast with a unique format twist: each episode includes dog news, tech, and events but uniquely, yes, a play-by-play breakdown of notable dogs the hosts have met since the last podcast. Sounds crazy, but this will totally suck you in if you are a true dog fanatic” (The Dog People).

Where can I listen? 

Can I Pet Your Dog? on Apple Podcasts 

  1. Vegas Rock Dog Radio

This podcast is hosted by Sam “The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs” directly out of Las Vegas every week. While many pet podcasts cover the topics such as dog food, behavior, and training, Sam focuses on pets, people and, pop culture. This is a great podcast to break up the monotony of everyday life. 

Where can I listen?

Vegas Rock Dog Radio on Apple Podcasts 

  1. Cat Chat

“Cat Chat, aside from being a magnificent name (we love a good rhyme!), is a podcast hosted by Tracie Hotchner. She pulls from her 7 years of experience producing and hosting the live call-in show of the same name on the Martha Stewart channel on SiriusXM radio. Expect information on cats, support for cat owners and on-air assistance from veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins” (Michelson Found Animals). 

Where can I listen? 

Cat Chat on Apple Podcasts 


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