Ring In The New Year Without Your Dog's Anxiety Around

We are all probably very excited to ring in the New Year. Goodbye 2020! But, the New Year celebrations, although hopefully socially distanced may still include fireworks. This may trigger your dog’s anxiety, so we wanted to give you 7 tips to help curb your dog’s anxiety during New Year's Eve!

Keep Your Pets in a Safe Space 

If your dog is crate trained, putting them in their crate can help create a sense of security for them. You can let them hide away in their crate for the night and if you want to help them feel a little more secure, you could cover their crate with a blanket or towel. But, if your dog has not been crate trained, a crate could scare them more so you can put them in a room where they would feel safer. 

Turn on Some Noise

You can try turning on a television or some music a few hours before the festivities begin so that your dog associates this background noise with comfort and peace. While the noise will not help with the noise, it will help distract them from the noise going on outside. You can transition to soothing music as the festivities start to rile up!

Distract Them With Toys or Treats

You can try giving your dog a fun toy or treat. If you give them a toy or treat they love they will be able to associate their toy or treat with a positive experience. 

Keep Them Moving

Try to wear your dog out during the day through some games and long walks. If your dog has less energy, they will most likely have less energy to freak out during the fireworks. 

Leave Your Place

If your area tends to be very loud and noisy, you may be best off by going somewhere quiet so that you can make sure your dog is peaceful for that night. 

Speak With Your Vet

You can speak with your vet to figure out ways to combat your overly anxious dog. They may have solutions to help calm your pet’s nerves. They may recommend trying out a CBD oil for dogs. 

Keep Calm and Carry On

You should do your best to keep calm no matter how excited you are to ring in the new year. If you are having a few people over try not to let them rile your dog up since this can lead to more stress. And ensure that you talk to your dog in a soothing voice during the night.

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