How to Make Your Pet an Petfluencer

Each influencer’s path to fame is slightly different, but there are some general guidelines that can help you turn your pet into everyone’s favorite pet. Your “pet’s job” will be to influence other people’s thinking, so let us figure out how you can work to accomplish this!

Figure Out Your Dog or Cat’s Niche

You want to bring a persona to your dog online and in real life that compliments their personality. If your dog is a bit of a diva, you can make them a pet instagram that highlights his or her fashionista side. This could be dressing them in different bandana for photos or getting nice dog costumes to put them in from time to time. 

Whip Out That Camera, Photographer

There are two essentials to taking good photos: good lighting and an editing app. You will want to make sure there is good sunlight to flatter your picture and an editing app so that you can upgrade your picture to influencer status. Another way to get your pet to influencer status is by using an app to see what your posted photos will look like on your Instagram grid. If it is particularly rainy near you, you can buy a great three-point lighting system to use when the sun is not out for your photoshoot. It is also good to avoid shooting right by a window since depending on the angle it can create a shadow. 

Stay Consistent and Keep Brand Consistency

You want your pup’s niche to stay consistent over time rather than jumping from one personality to another every other post. You should also be aware of maintaining brand consistency. You do not want to be promoting one brand’s product and then be promoting a different brand similar product because that can make you seem unreliable. You will also want to ensure you are posting very often and daily if possible. You should also comment on other pet’s posts as well as responding to comments made on your pet’s posts. This will help you establish a community around your pet. 

Keep Your Pet Looking Their Best

If you want your dog to garner a following, you will want to keep your pup looking their best. Having a cute dog definitely helps secure those followers. To do this you will want to make sure they are regularly shampooed as well as regularly brushing your dog. When you are taking photos you will want your dog’s true, authentic self to shine through! This means making sure they are happy so you should give them regular breaks and throw in some extra treats!

Make Sure You Like What You Are Doing

The key to success is loving what you do. So if you love running your pet’s instagram account, that will shine through. But, if it gets to be a responsibility to abhor doing, then it is time to take your pet off the internet even if some of their followers will be a little upset to see their friend gp. But, you can give it all a go and see if this is the right lifestyle for you and your pup.

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