Puppy Playdate at Melrose?

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The Melrose Trading Post has become a household name around the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles and beyond. If you are unfamiliar with the Melrose Trading Post it’s basically an open air flea market held at the FairFax High School on Melrose, the exact address is 7850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. To get in you do have to pay an admission fee but you can also pre purchase your tickets online for only $5 per person for the entire day. Buying tickets online also allows you to skip the normal line AND it’s pet friendly!!! (Scroll down for more information on the Melrose Trading Post)

If you were wondering if your pet was allowed then that's your answer, your pups are more than welcome to accompany you as you walk around the trading post. In fact there are a plethora of dogs there every week, with a variety of breeds from french bulldog to chihuahua to possibly a wolf that we saw last week, March 7th. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to walk around with your pup while you shop at cool thrift shops and support small businesses. Being able to shop with your pet is kind of an anomaly, as most businesses are not pet friendly. Additionally as you shop there are plenty of opportunities to interact and socialize with other pet owners! In our experience everyone was extremely friendly and excited to engage in a quick chat. 

Although most of the shops were geared toward humans there were a few shops that were geared towards pets or also sold pet items. Zen Frenz had a great booth near the food trucks (look for the big blue booth) and offered an array of pet wellness products. Some of the products they had on hand were CBD shampoo, CBD peanut butter, CBD drops, bacon and beef bites, and hemp seed oil! Another great thing about their booth was they had a free water station for any and all dogs. And they had free sample treats which turned their tent into more of a puppy playdate than a traditional booth. Additionally, a shop across from Zen Frenz sold pet bows and a shop on the opposite side of the market near the entrance off Melrose sold super chic pet collars/harnesses/leashes. 

From the Melrose Trading Post themselves they say, "Melrose Trading Post is a dog friendly flea market with local vendors, delicious food and great people watching! Shop locally and safely in our new social distancing layout. Masks/face coverings are required while on campus and in vendors' booths Check out local artists, makers, collectors and get goods made in LA or goods imported from all around the world. It's a great way to spend a Sunday in LA. Run by Greenway Arts Alliance, MTP raises money for Greenway's arts education program, Greenway's 99 seat theatre (Greenway Court Theatre, and for Fairfax High School. Open Every Sunday from 9AM-5PM. Support our neighborhood public high school and local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs!"

If you’ve never been to the Melrose Trading Post we highly recommend checking it out in general and it’s even more fun to bring your pup with you!

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