Pet Wellness Products to Pamper Your Pet With

We all have those things we do for ourselves that make us happy. Maybe it’s a weekly face mask, some bakery treats, a long walk, a round of golf, or maybe some time with your pet! I want you to look through some of these pet wellness products that you can buy to pamper your pet with. And hey, maybe you two can have a pamper day together (but maybe keep the face mask to yourself and keep your pet off of the golf course)! 

I’ve looked through a variety of pet wellness products and narrowed my favorites list down to 4 that you should consider pampering your dog or cat with! And, truth be told, these products may help you out as much as they help your pet out. 

Snout Magic 100% Organic and Natural Dog Nose Butter

As the weather gets cooler, it may be getting harder for your skin to stay hydrated, especially your nose if you also have the seasonal sniffles. Your dog’s nose also can dry out, so try out this nose butter to prevent a chapped and crusty nose. This specific nose butter is made with completely natural ingredients, is organic, and is even enriched with coconut oil. If you suffer from dry skin yourself, I’d treat yourself to a coconut oil moisturizing session when you apply some nose butter on your pooch!

Claudia's Canine Cuisine Signature Gift Box of Dog Cookies 

Know you may know the best bakery to treat yourself to an end of the week cookie, but don’t you feel a little guilty indulging in your treat when your pup is giving you those irresistible puppy eyes but you know you shouldn’t give him some of your treat so you give them the same old treat you always do. But, with this gift box you can have special treats just for your pup. Also these treats are made with human grade ingredients so go ahead and take a bite!

Zen Dog CBD

I bet you could have guessed this one! CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats is definitely a great way to treat your pet to some Zen time and calm them down. It can also help during any travel you do with your pet or for when you leave the house to go get yourself pampered!

Pogi's Grooming Deodorizing Wipes For Dogs and Cats

Sometimes the pampering your pet needs, especially your dog, is no bath time. But obviously that comes with some pretty nasty smells, so you will still want them clean or at least smelling acceptable to an extent. This is where deodorizing wipes come in handy. These can help with cleaning and leaving coats with some shine. These can also be helpful after a walk and poo to help clean up or after a particularly muddy walk. These wipes are made from all natural ingredients, including ginger, aloe vera, and vitamin E!

Just like humans, each dogs ill have different things that they like and that make them feel special and pampered. You know your dog best, so you can find what makes them feel pampered and maybe that might be running around and getting muddy even if that’s not your favorite!

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