3 Dog Subscription Boxes To Get Your Pup's Tail Wagging

Getting packages in the mail is kind of the best, at least I think so. Imagine getting packages for your pup, not only do you get their tail wagging, you also get to watch them have fun with their new toys or lick their lips for their new treats or bones. I’ve compiled a short list of 6 dog subscription boxes that you should check out if you want to get your dog a paw-tastic surprise!


With BarxBox each month is a fun themed surprise. One month could be thanksgiving themed and another could be valentine’s day themed, really just depends on the month. In these fun themed boxes you’ll get 2 unique toys, 2 all-natural treats, and 1 chewie. All of the boxes are tailored based on your dog’s weight and allergies, which you can specify at checkout. You can also choose to subscribe for a 12 month subscription and get each box at an average of 19 dollars each or you can test out a month for just 29 dollars which works out to less than 1 a day in a month! 

Chewy Goody Box

If you like to have a little more control on what your pup will be receiving and how often, Chewy Goody Box is the option for you. You can get this as a birthday present for your dog even though they might not know that’s what is going on. Or even if you just feel like treating your pup to a fun box tailored to a theme you specify. You can choose to get toys, treats, or a mix of both. You will get to see what is going to be included in the box while also getting to ensure you are getting items that are appropriate for your dog’s size. The cost of these boxes starts at 25 dollars and goes up depending on the box’s content.

Super Chewer Box

If you have a dog that has a monster pair of chompers and goes through toys like they are treats, the Super Chewer Box is perfect for your pooch! This month delivery service will get you two rubber toys that are built to last, even for your super chewer. And then just because even super chewer dogs love treats, they include two types of all-natural chews. You can specify certain allergies just like you can in BarkBox. You can try out one months for 39 dollars, sign up for a 6 month subscription for 34 dollars a month, or go all the way for your super chewer and optimize cost by getting a 12 month subscription for 29 dollars a month. 

There are so many other subscription boxes that you can check out and try for your pup. There will be future blog posts on other subscription boxes we recommend getting your pup! And, soon enough, we will also be offering subscriptions on products such as our CBD oil for dogs and CBD dog treats. We are also planning to offer some fun packages for you to try out! Keep your eyes open for those announcements!

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