How to Trim Your Dog Like a Professional (or at least come close)

Sometimes you see a dog’s haircut and all you can think is “yikes! I’m never cutting my dogs hair.” But quarantine may have had you questioning if you should pick up the clippers. While a groomer is most likely the best option, your favorite groomer may not be open for business. If you want your dog looking like the breed your dog is supposed to be, you're going to need to be careful with how much and where that cutting gets down, so read on. And if all else fails, just shave all your pup’s hair off, laugh, and move on knowing it will grow back.

Prepare Yourself

Just like any other endeavor, you can get started with some googling and youtube watching. You will be getting advice from pros which you should take and you will be watching pros cut dog hair which you should take with a grain of salt. They do this all the time so it may seem fast and easy, but it is not. Pay more attention to the details so that you have something to work off of and keep in mind when you tackle your own dog’s hair. 

Prepare the Area

Where will you be cutting your dog’s hair? This place is ideally big enough for you and your dog and not too nice. Your dog’s fur will end up just about everywhere so remove any carpets that may be too hard to clean. If your dog fits in a bathtub, that would be a great place to cut your dog’s hair. Try to steer clear from outside because right when you start snipping, hair will start flying into spaces they aren’t particularly welcomed.

Prepare your Tools

This is where the cost starts to add up, particularly if you want your dog to look presentable. But honestly a pair of small face hair scissors and kitchen scissors can get the job done, just not well. But it is much much much preferred to invest in a pet clipper. You will want to alternate between combs and blades for the attachment at the top depending on the part of your dog’s body you are cutting to make sure you aren’t spending too much time going over the same spots or shaving too much off. You can also get a small clipper just to get around the and the occasional small patches that you will probably need to touch up. You just need to find products perfect for your pup’s grooming!

Prepare for some Failure

This is not particularly an easy task even if you’ve watched countless videos. You will get better with practice and as your dog gets used to it. Another tip is to give your dog CBD oil for dogs 30 minute before it’s haircut time so that they are less stressed and anxious and could be easier to cut, preventing unfortunate movements that could result in temporary bald spots. But in all honesty, I’d leave this one to the pros, but tough times do call for some creativity, so try your hand at being your pet’s personal groomer. 

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