Pet Sitter Education Month

September is Pet Sitter Education Month! While you might be at home more and not need a pet sitter nor be going to pet sit for others, it is important for owners and pet sitters alike to be aware of pet sitting expectations.

Do people need pet sitters?

The short answer is, yes, sometimes. While you most likely don’t need someone pet sitting for you 24/7, it is a great option if you are away most of the day or are going away from home for a couple days. Pet sitters will look after your pet by taking care of all the responsibilities you would otherwise need to do. They will not only give your pet food and water, but will also administer any necessary medicine, take them on walks, and just be their friend. And, if needed, they can take them to grooming and vet appointments. 

This might all seem easy enough, but the best pet sitters have attributes that not every person is going to have, especially with pertinence to a pet. They will ideally have experience in pet sitting, be consistent, be calm, be trustworthy, be sensitive, and be reliable. If you can not trust and rely on your pet sitter, you are going to run into issues when you need to get to work but haven’t heard from your sitter.

How do you find this golden pet sitter?

While going through word of mouth is a great option, what if you don’t have any pet owning friends. While this seems to be unlikely, it can also be that your friends don’t need a pet sitter for their pet. Nowadays, there are websites you can go to to find a pet sitter. You can read their reviews, and even ask them for an interview, which will hopefully include your pet. Make sure you agree on a price that you both are comfortable with so as to avoid complications later. A few websites that you can find a pet sitter on include,, and

How do you prepare your dog for a pet sitter?

Some dogs love new people, but not all dogs love their owners being gone all day long even if they have a new human companion. They might be anxious the first few times. Try rewarding your pup with CBD dog treats or your cat with CBD cat treats. You can even have your new pet sitter administer the recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs direct-to-mouth, into their food, or into or onto another treat they have. 

Interested in Becoming a Pet Sitter?

Even during lockdown orders, you can pursue becoming a pet sitter by completing online courses that teach effective pet sitting during a pandemic and pet CPR and first aid. Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers alike can earn certificates. If you love pets, and want to make some extra cash you can pet sit on the side or over weekends. IT’s also important to get experience not only for credibility but also to make sure it is something you really want to do. YOu might be comfortable taking care of your pets and they might be comfortable with you, so try pet sitting for a friend or colleague just to ensure this is something you are willing and capable of doing. Other than that, happy pet sitting!

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