How to Celebrate National Dog Week

National Dog Day definitely gets its hype, but National Dog Week is a whole ‘nother ball game!

The last full week of September is for dog lovers to unite in celebrating their dogs and all other dogs. There are endless ways for you to partake in observing this week. Read on to see a couple things you and your dog can do together, things you can do for your dog, and initiatives you can do to help other dogs.

Go on a Fun Walk

Dogs are a great way to force you to get moving. You probably take your dog on the same walk path more or less everyday. But, I’m sure you know how excited your pup gets when they are taken to a new place. Find a trail near you that you and your dog can drive to and walk at. Your dog may not love driving to new places, so for that you can try CBD oil for dogs to calm them down. This way the journey and the destination are pleasurable experiences for your dog! 

Play a New Game With Your Dog

You can take the easy way out by getting your pup a new toy or you can invest some time and effort into making something epic! Obstacle course anyone? You can set up little hurdles for your dog to jump above, under, and if they are very advanced, through. 

Bake Your Dog a Treat

Do you love baking? If you do you’ve probably made everything from cookies and cakes to zucchini muffins and black bean brownies. But what about dog treats? It’s time to expand your baking expertise or start on a baking journey! Here are 25 Simple Dog Treat Recipes that all use 5 ingredients or less.

Take Your Pup to Get Some Ice Cream

Many ice cream places can offer you a scoop of dog-friendly vanilla ice cream. I recommend checking to make sure they do offer a dog-friendly scoop before going. If they do, take your dog to your favorite icecream shop! You can get a scoop for yourself and for them; it’s a win-win situation for sure. If your dog isn’t the biggest fan of ice cream, they may enjoy the Puppuccino at Starbucks. Spoiler: it’s just whipped cream, but it is delicious!

Donate to an Organization That Protects Our Furry Best Friends

Dog owner, or not, you can choose to donate to a local shelter or any of these dog rescue organizations. There are so many dogs that need a loving home and many dogs who need food, water, and shelter since they’ve been abandoned, abused, neglected. Shelters and rescue groups care for these dogs, and you can support them in their vigilant efforts.

Host a Puppy Playdate

Do you like to throw parties? What about throwing a get-together for your pup with his best friends? Not only do you get to hang with your dog’s friends’ owners, your dog also gets to have some fun. If you have a spacious backyard, you can set up some toys and have some space for the dogs to run around in. You can keep some treats inside the house that owners can reward to their dogs because I think we all know dogs do not have enough self control to serve themselves. And of course some human treats can’t hurt, so go on bake some cookies for you and the other great dog owners. If you are really in the party planner mode, you can make some doggie goodie bags. You can cleverly place CBD dog treats that owners can use to calm their pups down after the playdate inside poop bags that can be reused!

Adopt A Dog!

This is definitely a great way to celebrate National Dog Week! Do your research, go to your local shelter, and see if there are any dogs you are ready to take home with you!

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