Get ZEN With Your Pup

While you may find your mind wanders easily and often, pulling you away from the present moment, you many also notice that your dog is quite the opposite. Your pup makes staying in the moment look easy. They need to constantly be reminded by someone to keep their focus on their breath or push thoughts out of their brain. You can natural meditators, dogs, into your mindfulness practice which can benefit both of you. 

Dogs will respond to your calm energy. This is why your odg may come sit next to you when you are just chilling on the couch. If you set up your practice, your dog will most likely invite themselves. If they do not you can lure them with CBD dog treats which can also help them calm down and be zen.  By meditating with your pup, you can draw from their calm, mindful energy. This can help both of you connect on a deeper level. 

You can start doing this by creating a habit of sitting in a quiet place by yourself. Your dog can also help you want to stay in this state for longer, not wanting to disturb them. It’s kind of like when your dog falls asleep on you, you put off getting up since you don’t want to disturb them. You and your dog can become better at meditation with time. Consistent meditation can result in benefits like less anxiety and better sleep.

Still meditation isn’t the only type of meditation you and your pup can practice together. You can go on walks together where you leave your phone behind. Phones can be the biggest cause of distraction in everyday life, so taking a chunk of time for just yourself and your dog can be a new mindful experience. Take the time to notice how you are feeling physically and mentally. Begin noticing the world around you rather than just passing through it. Notice your dog’s energy and how they feel. If your dog has trouble with walking, you can try giving them CBD oil for dogs to help their joints and energy. 

You can even use your dog to practice mindfulness. Next time you are petting or playing with your pup, try to only focus on that action. Don’t let your mind wander to other matters or problems. Stay in the moment, just like your dog. Giving your dog your full attention this way can help you tune into them and allows them to tune into you, fostering a stronger connection. 

Try to practice mindfulness and meditation practice consistently. Dogs are going to live in this type of state for their life, so why not try and join them? You can learn meaningful lessons from them and about yourself. Make meditation a part of your routine with your dog, just like taking your dog on a walk. Try to meditate at the same time everyday so you both come to expect and enjoy this routine. You can both enjoy and benefit from this practice! Happy meditating!

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