Let's Get Walkin! (p.s. Don't Forget Your Dog)

I’m sure I sound like a broken record telling you that walking is good for you and that walking is good for your dog, but maybe it hasn’t been beat into your head yet that dog walks are good for your relationship with your dog! Every New Year’s resolution probably touted a resolution to exercise more and may even have included spending more time with your dog. All you have to do is put these two things together and 2020 has made dog walks feel like walking a daily runway of freedom since we have been cooped up indoors for so long.There are so many advantages to dog walks; read on to understand the good walks do for you, your dog, and your relationship with your dog. 

1. Weight and body composition

You and your dog could be at an unhealthy weight, and regular walks can prevent either one of you from entering an unhealthy weight zone or bring you into a healthy weight zone. If your goal is to become more fit this year, taking more regular walks while increasing your pace can help you achieve this goal. If your pup is a runner, you can try incorporating runs!

2. Joint Health

Couch potatoes and mobility do not go hand in hand. As you get older it’s important to stay moving to keep your joints mobile. This is also important for dogs as they get older as well. Walks for your joints is like oil for your car parts!

3. Digestive and Urinary Help

This benefit may not pertain to you as much as does to your pup since you can go to the bathroom without anyone letting you out or taking you out. Letting urine sit in your pup’s bladder can lead to bladder infections; and a doctor’s trip will take a lot more time out of your day than a walk! Make sure you have a routine and keep your pup on a schedule to not only maintain bladder health but also prevent constipation.

4. Mental Health

Walking can be just as much for your physical health as it is for your mental health. Walks can help you and your dog release energy which can lead to a better night’s sleep rather than tossing and turning throughout the night. You can also explore nature which can do wonders for your mental state. This can not only help you enjoy the world around you but also enjoy seeing people and dogs, even if from a distance.

5. Emotional Health

Your dog loves you! So the best way to reward him is by spending time with him. It will help strengthen your bond and since your pup will have had time with you, they will be less likely to engage in attention seeking behaviors. 

If your dog struggles during walks and treats don’t motivate him, try giving them CBD oil for dogs which can help relieve any anxiety around seeing people or dogs and even help with any joint pain or inflammation your older pup might begin to and are experiencing.

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