7 Wonders of The Dog World

Traveling with your pup can be so much fun, as long as you’ve given them a dose of CBD oil for dogs to help with anxiety around travel, but sometimes it’s hard to find a place your pup is allowed and can enjoy! So, I’ve compiled a short list of 7 vacation spots in the United States that are dog friendly that you AND your pup can have fun at!!

Fort Meyers, Fl

Some dogs love the beach and the water and everything that comes with a beach vacation while others would rather stay far away from anything that resembles a bath. Even though we both know the ocean is anything but a bath after your pup rolls around in the sand. In fact, the beach usually results in a much needed bath. Bonita Beach Dog Park and the lakes, gardens, and trails at Lakes Regional Park will keep you and your dog entertained and active. There are waterfront cafes and pizzerias you can also enjoy together. Just make sure you pick a dog-friendly hotel to stay at, such as Hotel Indigo. 

Asheville, NC

If your dog is down for long scenic hikes, North Carolina is the place for you two. You can take in amazing views by driving up to look-out points. If your dog gets anxious in the car, try giving them CBD oil for dogs 30 minutes before you head out. You can visit the North Carolina Arboretum with your pup and look at all of its gardens! You can stay in downtown Asheville and hit up pizza places for some yummy bites.

Napa, CA

California has a special spot in my heart, especially Napa. While you may know it is as a winery hot spot, it is also a dog-friendly hot spot. There are some pet-friendly Vineyards that you can visit along with Alston Park which is a huge park that has sections you can allow your pup to play with other dogs off-leash. You can find an inn with a view for you and your dog to hang out and stay at!

Austin, TX

I did not know Austin had so much for you and your dog to explore until now! I recommend exploring Red Bud Idla Park, an off-leash island park for your dog to splash around and for you to walk or kayak at! If you count shopping as your cardio, The Domain is a great dog-friendly shopping neighborhood. You can also find a downtown lodging location for you and your pup to stay at. 

Seattle, WA

If you want to take a stroll or canoe ride with your dog, you need to visit The Washington Park Aboretum. You can visit parks around the heart of Seattle and go to Norm’s Eatery & Ale House where not only do you get a menu but so does your pup! There are pet-accommodating stays at different price points that you can pick!

Flagstaff, AZ

You can camp, hike, or just take in stunning views with your best bud. Flagstaff is a great spot for breweries where you can crack open a cold one with your dog at a pet-friendly brewery. You can find options for a pet-friendly stay if you plan on staying overnight!

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