10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

The list of the 10 most popular dog breeds in North America, according to The American Kennel Society, consist of some obvious “duhs” and some surprise “reallys.” Go on and make your mental guesses, and then read on to see if you were right! 


It’s hard to believe that this sociable dog breed was originally bred to be a hunting dog, but their amazing noses make it clear why they were. They are very friendly and warm-up to strangers with ease, so not the dog for you if you are looking for a guard dog. However, if you are looking for a social companion, a beagle will be your best friend. 


If you want a smarty-pants, that is exactly what you will get with a boxer. Boxers are known for their loyalty, playfulness, and protective demeanor. It is good to note that they are stubborn and not the easiest to train. There’s also a fun fact behind their name: they seem to be inclined to stand on their hind legs and this creates the visual that they would “box” with their paws.


If you are tight on space or acknowledge you are not the most active person, bulldogs are the perfect companion for you. Bulldogs are laid-back and do not require lots of exercise or lots of space. If you have a small home or yard, lack time, or enjoy lounging around more than anything else, a bulldog will vibe with you!


Here’s a surprising fact for you: Dachshunds were originally bred as hunting dogs to hunt small burrowing animals. They have a very keen sense of scent, so they get distracted easily which can be difficult to train. If you are patient, this playful and intelligent breed can be perfect for you!

German Shepherd

While these dogs may frighten you away, they are a pleasure to own and honestly, they are doing their job if strangers are slightly scared. German Shepards are gentle, intelligent, hard working, and loyal. Their keen senses and curiosity make them great guard dogs, making them protective of their families and their territory.

Golden Retrievers

It’s no surprise these golden beauties are on this list. They are friendly, smart, loyal, and playful. They also get along great with small children and make great guide dogs. 

Labrador Retrievers

This dog is another family favorite. Labradors are trusting and intelligent. Their seek and detect skills make them a great breed for people who are visually impaired, hunters, and for certain military branches.


Just like a candy bar, poodles come in all sizes, normal, fun size, and mini. Poodles will give you small doses of mischief while being active and intelligent. A fun fact is that poodle translate to “to splash about” in German, which reflects their rambunctious and loving nature. 


These good-natured family dogs are often seen as aggressive guard dogs, but are not as aggressive as they may seem. They were originally bred to herd livestock!

Yorkshire Terrier

If you are allergic to dogs, Yorkshire Terriers may be a good fit for you. They are not hypoallergenic but they do not shed much. They are easy to train, but can be a little yippy at times!

All of these dog breeds can benefit from CBD oil for dogs! It can help with anxiety, pain, traveling, training, walking, aging, illnesses, etc. 

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