Can I Give CBD to my Puppy?

You may have heard of older dogs benefitting from CBD oil for dogs, and thought, well, can this help my puppy? If your pup gets anxious, can be aggressive, or acts out, CBD for dogs can be a great option for them! Read on to learn when and when not CBD oil for dogs is a good option for your puppy.

CBD oil for dogs

The first thing you need to know is that CBD oil for dogs is that it is a safe supplement for dogs, regardless of age, and rarely produces side effects. The rare side effects are also very mild, either resulting in drowsiness or even more rare, slight diarrhea. CBD supplements for dogs can help with the following: pain, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, cancer, cognitive decline, appetite loss, activity loss, convulsions, and epilepsy.

There are instances when you should not supplement your puppy with CBD, which we will go over first. While CBD oil for dogs is great it should not be thought of as a fix all solution to any problem you puppy might have. It’s important to remember that a lot of the “problems” you may notice in your young pup, like biting, chewing, and anxiety when left alone, are things they will most likely naturally outgrow with training and time. Even if your dog suffers from gastrointestinal issues or appetite problems, there are lifestyle and dietary changes that can serve as a first step. With any type of supplement it’s important to not only consider your pet’s needs and wants but to also consult your puppy’s veterinarian.

And now for what you’ve been waiting for. When is it right to give my dog CBD oil? CBD oil for dogs and even CBD dog treats are great for if your puppy is dealing with chronic symptoms or conditions. It is also a great option if your puppy’s separation anxiety is persistent, if traveling is stressful, if aggression isn’t remedied through training, and other conditions like pain or inflammation that your vet may want to treat with prescription medication. CBD can be a great alternative for prescription medication such as anxiolytic that is used to treat anxiety.  

The verdict of this is that CBD is safe for your puppy, but just like supplements for humans, you do not want to be supplementing when it is not necessary. So, if your puppy is displaying any of the above behaviors persistently despite training or has a chronic condition, and you have consulted your vet, CBD oil for dogs is a great supplement you can have your puppy take!

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