Dog Movies You and Your Dog Need To Watch Like Right Now

So, dogs are great, and movies are fun. So naturally, dog movies are There are dozens of dog movies, some that are funny, some that are dramatic, some that are sad, and some that did not make our cut but are still great dog movies.

101 Dalmatians

We are starting off with a classic! If you haven’t seen this one yet, you are past overdue for a movie night with you pup. This 1961 film is a Disney classic. In it, Pongo and Perdita are parents to 15 Dalmatians, and love their owners, Roger and Anita. But then comes in the infamous character, Cruela De Vil who wants to turn these dogs into fur coats. Pure evil! If you have a Dalmatian and haven’t seen this movie, this is your order to watch it asap. And even if you don’t have a Dalmatian, I’m sure the suspenseful and funny movie will be worth the watch or rewatch. 

Lady and the Tramp

Need a movie, you, your significant other, and your dog can all watch together? Lady and the Tramp is your answer. This date night perfect flick may have been the reason you have tried the age old spaghetti trick. The forbidden love between Lady, a well-breed Cocker Spaniel, and her street dog boyfriend might remind you of your dogs’ forbidden love with your favorite pair of shoes. 

Marley & Me

You can’t help but smile and laugh throughout this movie! Marley’s disobedience and antics are fun to watch and laugh at, but also makes you feel quite bad for Marley’s owners. But, you’ll see how all this puppy trouble brings the family together. You’ll probably feel thankful your pup isn’t quite as crazy as Marley and love your own dog even more! Marley definitely could have benefited from some CDB oil for dogs to make him a lot calmer.

A Dog’s Purpose

Your purpose is watching this movie. Bailey, the star dog, lives and dies as different dogs, all with different owners. But, eventually, he is reunited as the dog of his first best friend. This tale is heart wrenching as they both realize they have been brought back together again. Dog really is a man’s best friend.


Oh, Beethoven. What a classic movie that will take you on a JOURNEY. A family adopts a puppy that is only puppy sized for a little while. He soon becomes quite large, and the family loves him despite the household mishaps he causes. Except, the father takes some time to come around to loving big friendly Beethoven. However, as a journey goes, there is a terrible possibility that arises, jeopardizing Beethoven’s life. You’re going to have to watch to find out what happens, but I will tell you there’s a vet and a deadly experiment involved. 


If you have younger kids, they’ll love this movie! Have you ever thought about what your pets do when you’re away? This isn’t exclusively a dog movie, but I just had to include it! Not only do you get to be amused by what your dog might be thinking and doing while you are away from home, but you also get a glimpse into what other pets like cats, bunnies, and birds might be up to while their owners are away. 

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