Traveling With Your Pet? Here's What You Need.

Traveling with your pet is an exciting adventure for both of you, but can also be stressful not only for you but also for your dog. You can give CBD oil for dogs or CBD dog treats to your pup or CBD oil for cats to your cat. Depending on if you are traveling with your pet via car or via plane, what you need will vary, but some things are important regardless of our method of transportation. 

Non-Negotiable Necessities

Collar with Name Tag

It’s very important that you keep your pet’s collar on at all times, so that in case they run off, their name is clearly printed and your contact information is easily readable. This way someone who finds your pet will be able to contact you and reunite you with your pet!

Leash, Harness, Carrier

It’s not kind to other travelers to leave your pet unleashed unless they are in your car. In the airport and plane, you should try to leave them leashed unless you have placed them in a carrier. If you are driving, ensure you place a leash, and harness if necessary, on your pet when you get down at rest stops or stop for food, gas, or bathroom breaks. 

Food, Water, and Treats

Just like yourself, your pet will need food and water. And, treats make life better so those are essentially a necessity, too. If your pet gets anxious during travel, try giving them CBD dog treats

Poop Bags

Eating and drinking also means bathroom breaks. Make sure your pet can relieve themselves at predetermined times so that they do not feel uncomfortable or cause an accident because you didn’t plan for their bathroom breaks. Ensure you pack poop bags to clean up after them!

Games and Toys

Pack some toys they like so that your pet can stay entertained, and if there is room at stops, let them run around and release some energy!


Traveling By Car?

  • Keep the air flowing, so that your dog does not overheat, especially during the hot summer days
  • Get your pet used to being in the car by taking them on short drives
  • If your pet gets carsick easily, try having them travel on an empty stomach
  • Don’t leave your pet in your car when you exit

Traveling By Plane?

Flying is totally different than traveling by car. There are regulations and arrangements you must make beforehand. Check out this article on U.S. Pet Air Travel Regulations for more information.

Traveling By Train, Bus, or Boat?

Train and Bus travel may not be in the cards for your pet. For 25$, you can bring a dog under 20 pounds on Amtrak trains. Greyhound and other interstate buses do not allow dogs, unless they are service dogs. Local train and bus companies have their own policies which you will have to research. 

Each cruise line and ship has different policies with some allowing dogs and even providing them with special lodging and and free meals while others do not allow pets. You will need to check to see if you can bring your bet aboard with you!

Wherever you and your pet's travels will take you, I wish you safe travels! xx

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