6 things your dog can't live without

Dogs can seem like the simplest animals sometimes, but there are some things they really need! Making sure they have these 6 things can help ensure your pup lives a happy and healthier life. This essentials list includes nutritious food, grooming equipment, a crate, fun toys, a vet, and you!

Nutritious Food

If you are invested in your health, you know that what you put in your body matters. The same holds true for your furry best friend. As your dog gets older, you will need to feed your dog fuel that will keep them going and that is complementary for their needs. Puppies and older dogs have different nutritional needs as well as different breeds. Try to stay away from feeding your dog leftover from all of your meals, but there are foods that you can feed your dog off your plate that are okay for them. But like with everything, moderation is key. 

Grooming Equipment (for your pup’s breed)

Each pup has different fur and each owner has different style preferences. Some pups will need to be groomed much more often that others. And some will require more frequent baths spending on the level of activity you both embark upon or the messes they get themselves in. After taking everything into account, you can tailor grooming for your dog. Some good things to keep in the house are a toothbrush, a comb, nail clippers, and dog shampoo! This way you can choose to take care of your pup’s grooming needs yourself in between cuts. If your pup doesn't like the groomers, try giving them CBD oil for dogs to calm them down prior! This can also possibly free up some extra cash for the next dog essential: fun toys. 

Fun Toys

Find fun toys for playtime with your pup. This can be tug of war toys, a ball, a chew toy, etc. You can pick toys appropriate for their size and age. For example a bigger dog will need more durable rubber and a bigger sized toy and a puppy could need a toy that helps sooth them during teething. There are even some fun toys that you can stuff CBD dog treats inside which can be fun for your dog to play with and could calm your dog down after they get to the treat!

A Crate

This might not be your dog’s favorite place, but is necessary for car trips and other places that require a crate. It can also help if you make your dog’s crate a safe place rather than a punishment place.  

A Veterinarian

Just like it is important for you to trust and visit your doctor regularly, your dog needs to regularly visit a veterinarian who you trust. You can discuss a wide variety of topics including behavior advice, training advice, feeding advice, teething advice, grooming advice, sterilizations, vaccinations. When your puppy is young frequent visits are super important. 


Stay present in your pup’s life! They love being around you and need care and attention.

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