Introducing your Pet to Their New Environment

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Whether you have a new pet or are moving to a new home your pet will have to adjust to their new surroundings, which includes people too! Our pets struggle with adjustment just as much as we do so it is important to aid them in this transition. Keep reading to learn our tips for a smooth transition for you and your pet. 

Introduce a Routine

Routines can be a good way to keep your pet comfortable throughout the transition to their new space. If you are moving homes, it would be a good idea to give them their own bed and space to eat before you move. Once you move, set up the same space in your new home. Your pet will have a safe space to retreat to when they are feeling overwhelmed. A great addition to this routine could be calming products for your pet to ease their anxiety and stress. Try adding a few ZenFrenz Zen Bites to your pets food.

Allow them to Explore

Whether you have a new pet or are moving homes make sure to let your pet explore the new space thoroughly. Take them along for this exploration, showing where their food bow and sleeping area are. Dogs tend to chew furniture and urinate to mark their new territory and familiarize themselves with new locations. While they are exploring this is a good opportunity to encourage good behaviors and deter unwanted ones like peeing and chewing. If you are moving homes, take them on long walks around the neighborhood so that they can understand and feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Introduce them to New People and Pets

Introductions to new pets and people are a super important part of any move. If your new home will also have a new pet, try to let them play together outside of the home as a first introduction. In the beginning it might be a good idea to keep them on leash to ensure their interactions are positive. In the home try to provide different feeding and sleeping areas for each pet to reduce any competition. In terms of new people, make your pet a special, quiet, and safe space your pet can retreat to in case they get overwhelmed at any point. Try to center introductions around positive things such as playing, treats, and exercise. Have your new friend take your pet for a walk or give them a treat, this way your pet will associate this new person with something positive! Quality time is most important. Make sure you set aside time dedicated to your pet in this new space.

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