New Product: Zen Drops 100mg

Exciting news frenz, we just launched our newest product, Zen Drops at the 100 mg strength. After speaking with customers and hearing your feedback we discovered that pet owners want Zen Drops at a lower concentration of CBD. While our 250 mg Zen Drops work well on smaller pets, the new 100mg concentration might be the better option if your pet is small and/or sensitive to new products. But don’t worry the 250 mg and 500 mg Zen Drops are not going anywhere! Curious if your pet would benefit from our new product? Keep reading to learn more! 


Our new 100 mg Zen Drops are ideal for all of the small dogs and cats in your life. As small pet owners ourselves, we know it can be stressful trying new products but rest assured these 100 mg Zen Drops are much milder in their effects. Also, these new Zen Drops are less expensive than our two other concentrations making them the perfect pet-CBD beginner product. The new 100 mg Zen Drops are perfectly priced at $25 a dropper! And best yet we are running a buy 2 Zen Drops 100 mg get 1 Calming Chews free until the end of the weekend (January 17th, 2022 and no code needed at checkout, product will automatically be added to your order)!

100 mg vs. 250 mg vs. 500 mg

So now we have three different Zen Drops, but what’s the difference between the three? The only difference between the three is the strength or concentration of CBD, the three bottles are all the exact same size, weight, packaging, etc. And don’t worry, all three of our Zen Drops feature our user-friendly dropper to administer the drops. The dropper makes it super easy to make sure that your pet is getting the best dose possible, based on their weight and size. 

Who Should Use Zen Drops? 

Our Zen Drops are a great option for first-time CBD users as they are easy to control and administer. The drops come in a small glass bottle with a user-friendly dropper. The dropper allows you to accurately measure how much you are giving your pets. The drops can be sprinkled on your pet’s food, water, or treats. Or they can be ingested directly from the dropper.  Our favorite part about the drops is that they are flavorless and odorless so if your pet is a picky eater they won’t even know they are consuming them! This also makes the drops extra cat-friendly, as some cats are pickier on flavors. While the CBD drops are small enough to be taken through TSA, they are harder to administer on the go. Finally, the drops are sold in two strengths, 250mg, and 500mg. Both come in the same size bottle and the only difference is the concentration. For the 250mg bottle, one dropper is 8mg of CBD. For the 500mg bottle, one dropper is 16mg of CBD. For smaller pets and new users, we recommend starting with a half dropper of the 250mg bottle. For extra anxious and/or large pets we recommend 1/2-1 dropper from the 500mg bottle. 

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