How to Safely Include Your Pets in Your Fourth of July Celebrations

This long weekend is an exciting one, with Independence day on Monday and we are so excited! 

What is Independence Day?

Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July in the United States, is a federal holiday that celebrates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. This was the official declaration that separated the colonies in North America from Great Britain. Every year, civilians in America celebrate the day America was born with parades, fireworks, and many other activities. Here are a few ways to celebrate the fourth with your pets included! 

1. Dress them up! 

You can dress up your pet in the colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue. A hat can match the colors as well as protect your pet from the sun on a hot day. A bandana would also be a great accessory that would make your pet look adorable! In fact, Zen Frenz has a bandana of its own that is blue, which can be accessorized with other accessories that can match! 

2. Pet Friendly Celebration 

Many celebrations take place around the country that are pet-friendly for you to enjoy them along with your pet. They are usually firework free, and can be a fun parade or party with other furry friends to celebrate with! Many pets can be scared of the presence of a lot of people. If that is the case for yours, Zen Drops would go along perfectly to have your pet be calm and still enjoy the celebration! 

3. Barbecue 

Dogs love food! Celebrate the fourth outside by the grill with some hot dogs, burgers, veggies, chicken, and seafood for your family and friends! Your dog can enjoy all of these treats with you, as long as you make them dog-friendly! 

If you are going to an event that includes fireworks, make sure to keep your pet safe with you and help them for their fear from the loud noises. A calming supplement, such as the Zen Bites would be ideal to have your pet have a great time! They also taste great, and would be paired well with the barbecue! With all of the festivities around, it is possible for your loved pet to hear them constantly throughout the weekend, so it is important to be prepared to help them with any of our products

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