DIY Presents for the Dog Lover in Your Life

The holidays are fast approaching, and money may be tight, so why not DIY a gift for your favorite dog owner. Their dog won’t be able to tell, and they will probably think it is super thoughtful because it is! These crafts range from dog biscuit jars to Christmas tree ornaments, so you’re sure to find something that will be fun to make and for your friend to receive.

Dog Biscuit Jars

You can give your friend a jar of treats, but make them dog treats! You can get a nice glass jar etched with their dog’s name and filled to the brim with some yummy treats. If you know their dog struggles with anxiety, you can fill the jar with CBD dog treats. If you want to make this gift double as exciting, make another jar filled with your friend’s favorite candy or chocolate.

Dog Wine Toppers

If the dog lover on your holiday list is also a wine lover, you’re in luck, because this DIY gift is easy-peasy lemon squeezy! You can get small molds of dogs, brownie points for getting molds that are the same breed as the dog your friend has. Then you can paint them, smother them in glitter, whatever you can think of to make the mold fun. You can then hot glue this mold onto corks. You can pair this DIY project with a bottle or two of their favorite wine. 

Dog Coaster

Find a picture of your friend’s dog that you really like on their social media or one that you’ve taken. Or, if you can sneak in an unsuspicious text asking your friend for their favorite photo of their dog, ask them for one. Then you can get that photo photo printed, buy a tile from your local hardware store, and Mod Podge the photo onto a tile.

Dog Stenciled Tea Towel

You can buy a stencil of your friend’s dog’s breed and some tea towels. You can pair this with some tea bags if your friend loves tea and maybe a fun bone for your friend’s dog to enjoy.

Dog Pet Supply Pail

Load a small basket full of dog goodies. You can throw in a nice hoodie for the colder weather and some CBD oil for dogs. If you are feeling extra nice, you can make a small basket of all your friend’s favorite treats and items. Maybe they need some more of their favorite lotion since it is quite cold. 

Dog Ornaments

You can make any type of ornament you would like to, but put your friend’s dog’s face on it and it’ll be sure to please. You can also throw in some other ornaments to help fill up your friends Christmas tree!

If DIYing isn’t really up your alley, you can try to find a site that will make a professional DIY gift for you or just stick to the basics. Get a gift and wrap it up in some holiday cheer or stick to the trustworthy gift card to a local dog store your friend always raves about!

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