9 Dog Breeds That Can Handle the Lower Temperature

If you are anything like me or my dog, you cannot handle the cold. Sometimes even California gets too cold for me! But there are some people who love the cold and live in places that have freezing temperatures at times. If you are one of these people, your dog should also be able to handle the lower digits. Here is a list of 9 dogs that can be your cold weather companion!

1. German Shepherd

These dogs have a double coat, making them the perfect candidate for cold weather. You will want to prevent them from developing aggressive behavior or overprotective tendencies which you can do by starting training at an early age.

2. Newfoundland

These dogs were literally bred for cold weather. They have a protective heavy coat that combats the icy waters they were originally meant to work in. If you are in a very icy and snowy area, their larger paws help them steady themselves as long as their nails don’t get in the way. You just need to keep those trimmed to ensure steadiness.

3. Saint Bernard

Fun fact: Saint Bernards used to be used to help find humans trapped after an avalanche. While you probably won’t be using your dog to assist with this, it does prove they get along great with the colder weather. These massive dogs are also highly devoted to their families and are especially compatible with children.

4. Siberian Husky

These dogs thrive in colder temperatures, even in freezing weather. They may even dig holes during the warmer months so they can lie in them to cool down. They were bred to be sled dogs, so the cold weather is basically hardcoded into their biology.

5. Komondor

While you may not originally picture these dogs when you think of what type of dog will stay warm since they don’t have fur, their cords help keep them warm. This mop-looking dog can be your cold weather companion.

6. Shiba Inu

These double coated dogs can stay warm while they run around in the snow. They are muscular and sturdy which can be great for ensuring they keep their footing on slippery surfaces.

7. Keeshond

These dogs have lots of fur to keep them warm. They are a great dog if you want a slightly smaller dog than most of the dogs in the list. However, these dogs don’t do great in very hot weather since their layers of fur can lead to them overheating.

8. Bernese Mountain Dog

If you need a walking partner for long walks in the chilly weather, a Bernese Mountain Dog is your best friend. They don’t need a lot of exercise but still have pretty good endurance. Picture this: a nice long chilly walk and then a big warm fireplace with some hot chocolate for you and some treats for your pup.

9. Great Pyrenees

These dogs have been used as sled dogs so you know they’ll be a great cold weather companion. They also do well in both rural and suburban areas. These double coated hard workers like to be occupied, so be ready to stay active.

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