Pick the Cat Breed for You!

You may be an ailurophile, someone who LOVES cats! You may be looking to adopt a cat for the first time or for the fifth, but you will want to make sure the cat is right for you and for your family. Read through this list of 6 cat breeds you can fall in love with.

The Persian

If this is your first cat, a prestigious Persian cat is perfect for you. His long fur makes him super luxurious but also requires extra grooming. But their laziness and cuddles will make up for the little bit of extra work. On top of this, they have a soft temper and are playful, sociable, and cuddly. 

The Maine Coon

If you want a big cat, you are in luck. Female Maine Coons reach between 13 to 17 pounds while male ones reach between 26 to 30 pounds. You’ll have a real beast on your hands! These cats are playful and curious while being calm and affectionate. Their fur is only medium length so you won’t be burdened taking care of it.

The Birman

This breed is equal parts mysterious as it is beautiful. These cats are very calm and like the quietness in peaceful settings. The only downside is that they get upset quite easily if they are attended to and get what they want when they want. They are pretty easy to take care of since they have medium-length fur and are fun to be around since they are sociable. 

The Chartreux

This cat is as cool as a cucumber. Their calm and sociable personality meshes well with the family life. These cats are independent so they are definitely ones that demand respect. However, you will need to give them extra help in June to help them as they shed dead hair. Their sometimes distant personalities really will give you the stereotypical cat.

The Siamese

These cats not only have a strong look, they also have a strong personality. If you want an active, unique, and playful cat, this is the cat for you. They will even act differently depending on the person they are interacting with. These cats are great family cats even though they normally have a favorite. Unfortunately, they aren’t the biggest fans of strangers. Their short fur makes them easy to take care of, so lucky you!

A Shelter Cat

I can’t help but mention that you can adopt, not shop. So if you are looking to bring some love into your home, visit your nearest animal shelter and find a cat that can become your favorite surprise. You will learn about them and see pieces of different breeds popping out. It will be a fun adventure for you!

It’s important to remember that each cat is different, so the breed won’t be able to tell you everything on what to expect if you choose to go with one of the cats listed above. But, hopefully you can find the cat of your dreams and a furry best friend!

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