Considerations Before Getting a Dog as a Gift

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With the holiday season approaching, we are all thinking about what gifts we can get our loved ones. A very common idea especially for children is a puppy. While the idea of your child falling in love with a cute puppy during the holidays is charming, it is important to consider what comes after. Sadly many dogs are given to the shelter after the holidays because they were bought without any forthought. In order to avoid that tragedy this year, keep reading for important considerations before getting a new pet.



    Getting a dog requires research to ensure that you and your dog will be a good match. Many dogs are taken to an animal shelter because owners picked their dog on popularity or cuteness. Make sure you look into different breeds to consider whether your lifestyle and living arrangement will suit your future pet. If you live in the city without a lot of outdoor space, make sure your dog doesn’t need a lot of roaming room. It is also important to consider your family structure and if the breed will be a good match with a big family or conversely with living alone. For example, Chihuahuas are great because they can adapt to any home, but they are known for biting children. While their low maintenance can be attractive, they are not a great fit for a family with children. It is also a great idea to consult a veterinarian before making your decision. Not only will they advise you on the best kind of dog to fit your needs, it is also important to establish a relationship with a vet early. 


    Commitment is usually the first word that comes up when it comes to getting a dog. Like having a newborn, a puppy’s needs will usually need to come first. It isn’t easy to leave for the weekend on a whim, you will need to plan care while you are gone. Pets need short term commitment, like taking a daily walk, as well as a long term commitment to taking care of them for life. Another commitment is to their health; dogs get sick just like people. You may need to sacrifice time to take them on trips to the vet or keep them up to date with their vaccinations. But commitment is not always just about time, it can be financial too. The cost of your dog does not end with your purchase. Healthcare, training, food, water, accessories for safety and entertainment are all recurring costs to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe. 


    Safety is of the utmost importance when buying a pet, not just for them but for your home and family too. Before bringing your furry friend home you will need to make sure toxic foods are out of reach as well as dangers like hanging cords and blinds. If you are worried about your furniture it is a good idea to cover it especially during their training period. If you have children it is a good idea to have them meet your new dog before adopting it to make sure they get along with small children. 


    There will be a large adjustment period for you as well as your pet. Puppies cry at night just like babies after being adopted. It is important to be prepared with a quiet and enclosed space for them to retreat to. Another good idea is to let them roam your house to smell everything and get accustomed to their new surroundings. Puppies get easily overwhelmed, so it might be a good idea to get them a calming treat like Zen Frenz Zen Bites Bacon and Beef for Stress and Anxiety Relief. During this adjustment period it is important to train your dog to make sure that bathroom incidents are only temporary. Introducing puppy school or in-home training early is essential. 

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