Chef Up a Thanksgiving Feast For Your Pup

When Thanksgiving rolls around so does the feast and your pup’s best puppy eyes. But don’t let their pleas for scraps from the table convince you to give them your food. But I get if you feel a little bad feasting while your dog gets their normal bowl of kibble, you could make them their own Thanksgiving plate full of foods that are yummy and safe for them to consume. 

Food to place on your pup’s plate:

Shredded Turkey Breast- take turkey from the middle of the breast to ensure they aren’t getting the skin. This is because the skin has a higher fat and salt content while the middle of the breast likely hasn’t absorbed salty and fatty brine which could cause your pup to get sick. You will probably have to take this piece after the meal has begun so your guests aren’t met with a turkey that has already been cut into. 

Sweet Potatoes- Sweet potatoes are great for your dog. This is because it is high in fiber and beta-carotene. Just make sure you place this on your pup’s plate before the spices and butter are added. 

Gravy- While you shouldn't be serving your dog the same gravy you are placing on the table, you can buy your dog a gravy made for him or use canned dog food to make a dog-friendly gravy!

Carrots- Some dogs love carrots and some turn their nose up at them, but if your dog likes them and doesn’t have diabetes, carrots will compliment your dog’s feasts well. They are high in vitamin A and fiber while being low calorie. Just steam or boil them so that your dog can easily get through them!

Green Beans- Green Beans are a classic at any Thanksgiving table, no matter your family’s dietary restrictions, and the same can go for your dog. Just boil or steam fresh or frozen green beans and you will be good to go!

Cranberries- This antioxidant filled treat can be controversial among family members as well as among dogs. You can just place just a few on top to add a flavor bomb to their meal!

Apples- Your pup might already be spoiled with apples, and will be excited to get some with their meal. You can save a few slices if you are making an apple pie, cut them into smaller pieces, and serve them. Just ensure there aren’t any seeds or skin!

Pumpkin- We’ve already gone over pumpkin on this blog, but let’s refresh on why pumpkin is so great for your dog. You will want to get plain canned Pumpkin. Aside from being tasty, pumpkin can help regulate your dog’s digestive tract! You can also make CBD pumpkin treats using CBD oil for dogs! If that's too much work, you can always buy some CBD dog treats to help calm your dog around all the new guests

Know that you have some dishes you can prepare for your dog, you just keep in mind that your dog most likely does not have the same size stomach as you do. So, you will want to keep their plate and portions smaller, especially if you have made many dishes for them.

Keep in mind the following foods should not touch your dog’s plate on Thanksgiving or ever!

  • Mushrooms
  • Cooked bones
  • Raisins
  • Cooked onions and garlic
  • Heavy fats (such as turkey skin and butter)
  • Chocolate
  • Nutmeg
  • Alcohol

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