When is Bath Time?

You may dread giving your dog a bath just as much as he dreads receiving a bath. The scratching, whining, and the final shake off and carpet rub down is to be expected to have your dog smelling better than before he started digging around your garden!

However, you may want to put some solid time between baths, so your dog may not have that newly bathed dog smell as often as you want. But, on the plus side you won’t have to deal with an unhappy pooch during bath time as often with properly spaced out baths!

Does your dog really need to be bathed?

Yes! Regular grooming is very beneficial for your dog, especially because the skin is the largest organ on your pup’s body. And their skin is exposed to not just to air, but also to their drool, sweat, and the occasional mud bath. However fearless your dog is at getting himself into the messiest situations, their skin may still become irritated from the various environmental factors they are exposed to. You do not want any yeast or bacteria growth on your fur babies precious skin which could lead to skin disease. It is also recommended that you wash your dog’s dog bed from time to time just as we humans should change our sheets and comforters and pillow cases from time to time. If you do not, it’s past time to start!

You should also keep the nail clipper close by during bath time so that you can kill two birds with one stone.

You’re telling me I have to brush them, too?

If your dog has very hairy hair, then you will have to put in the work to keep their hair looking beautiful. And, if your dog has curly hair, you’ll have to brush their hair often to ensure there isn’t a massive knot that forms, which would force you to pull out the scissors. On the plus side, this will mean your long haired beauty does not need as many baths as long as he is brushed often.

So, how often do I bathe my dog?

You should at least wash your dog every 3 months, but this will differ between breeds. Some may even thrive with a weekly wash. You can also keep your dog smelling and looking good by brushing frequently and using wet wipe to clean up their paws or anywhere else that got a little messy. 

Other Ways to Care for Your Dog’s Skin and Coat

It’s important to ensure your dog is eating a healthy diet full of healthy oils and nutrients. It’s also vital to give your dog clean water to maintain hydration. You should also take into account the type of lifestyle your dog lives. So if they are active and getting messy frequently, you can rub them down with a damp towel rather than preparing a bath for them every time you go on a hike. If your dog gets fussy before bath time, try giving him CBD oil for dogs to help calm him down!

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