Behind the Wheel: Safety Tips to Take Your Pup Along for the Ride

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Whether it is to take your furry friend with you to the park or to a veterinarian check-up, getting them to agree to come along can be either an easy conviction or a stressful situation. Regardless, there are many tricks and products that can help ensure the safety of your pup and everyone in the car.


  1. Secure Your Pup in Crash-Tested Seatbelts/Harnesses


The road is a very unpredictable environment where even the safest drivers can find themselves being caught in a dangerous situation. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare ahead of time in case of an accident to save your dog’s life. You wouldn’t drive in the car without wearing a seatbelt so why treat your dog any differently?


  1. Have Them Sit in the Back


Airbags in many situations can save lives, but they are meant for humans in the front seat that are heavier in weight than your average pup. Therefore, having them in the backseat makes it easier not only by removing immediate distractions while driving, but can save their life.


  1. Keep Head in the Window


As we all know, dogs love to feel the wind blow in their hair and let their tongue go wild. However, one of the most common injuries in dogs involved with motor vehicles happen in their eyes. This means that it is safest for them to keep their head in the window or at least sport some fun looking googles that will protect their eyes in the car.


  1. Lock Up All Loose Items in Their Way


Especially for those small dogs, heavy items sliding around the car can be very dangerous and cause injuries. Securing these items in other parts of the car can ensure for a safer ride for all pets involved.


If your pet knows that you are going to the vet, they will often heavily resist going into the car. To make this easier, we recommend trying out our Calming Chews  and Zen Bites that will help relieve stress and anxiety to make that situation easier.

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