5 Reasons to Run Trails with Your Dog!

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You will be hard-pressed to find a better running partner than your dog. They are always eager to get out the door, no matter the weather. They don’t care about your pace, how far you go, and they never complain. Plus, regular cardiovascular activity benefits both you and your dog mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, running can take its toll on your pup. So make sure to bring along some Zen Bites to help with joint and mobility support!

So leash up your best friend and find the nearest single track to experience the joy of trail running side by side.

  1. It Will Get You Out The Door

Like humans, dogs require daily physical activity in order to stay healthy. Luckily for us, they are great motivators to get us outdoors. While we may feel lazy, tired, or pressed for time, those sad eyes staring back at you will keep you going out the door each day.

  1. That or a destroyed shoe or couch.

A dog with too much energy can be destructive, so a run in the woods will keep them out of trouble and ready for a nap when you need to head to work or leave them at home for a bit.

  1. Discover New Places

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or go to the same familiar routes you’ve run for years because you lack motivation or perhaps have felt nervous to venture to new trails on your own. Bringing your dog along will give you that inspiration to seek new spots and confidence by having a buddy along.

For those with reactive dogs, look for low-traffic trails so that you can enjoy your time together with less worry of running into off leash dogs. Both of you will be able to enjoy the trail run with far less stress.

  1. Do It For The Health Benefits

Running will of course help keep your dog healthy by maintaining a healthy weight, developing strong muscle tone, and improving the cardiovascular system. With the right training, many dogs can run with their humans for quite long distances, so if you’re thinking about a marathon in your future, then your dog may very well be able to join you in the training.

  1. Reduce Anxiety for (You and) Your Dog

Some dogs tend to feel more anxious in the city with all the cars, people, and noise. Take them to the woods and they’re a completely different dog. With fewer sounds to scare them, they will build their confidence and take the opportunity to explore their surroundings more than they would in the city.

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