Are Cats Afraid of Fireworks?

Yes! For us humans fireworks are indicative of a celebration and create feelings of joy, for most animals that is hardly the case. Like all wild animals, cats associate loud noises with danger, and will be stressed and fearful. We all know how incredibly fast a cat's reflexes are, and the sudden loud noise and flash of fireworks can cause them to bolt for safety, but in their panic they might go in any direction.  Additionally, firework displays tend to go on for a long time, and a cat can be very scared and disorientated by the time it returns.  Some animal sanctuaries report a larger number of strays handed in, as a result of scared pets running away from home - more are hit by cars as they try to run from the noise.  In other areas, fewer cats are found because people are not around outside so much in the dark, and don't notice a lost stray in need of help. If you live in a populated area then your cat will most likely have to hear some fireworks on the 4th of July. While loud noises are very scary, there are some ways to reduce their nerves. 

How To Help Your Cats Nerves:

  1. Pet CBD. Before all of the craziness of the 4th July starts (i.e. fireworks and other loud noises) we recommend adding Zen Drops to your cats food or water to help them get calm before the loud noises start. If you are having people over at your house we also recommend adding Zen Drops to your cats dinner. Our Zen Drops are especially good for cats because they are flavorless and odorless and won’t upset even the pickiest of eaters. 
  2. Close the curtains. This is a simple way to minimize the impacts of fireworks on your cats. By closing the curtains you can take the attention away from the loud sounds and bright colors outside and hopefully create a more peaceful environment.  
  3. Turn on the TV. Turning on the TV is a great way to distract your cat and take their mind off of the fireworks. The TV will provide good background noise to help drown on the firework sounds and to hopefully reduce the stress caused by each explosion. 
  4. Your cat might run. We urge you to not be surprised if your cat stays in a dark hidden place where she/he feels safe when fireworks are about. They are scared and naturally gravitate to places where they stay safe, and don't try to tempt or grab him out of his safe spot - it will just stress them more.   Usually your cat will resurface  when the noises are over.  They can hear a lot better than we can, so we may think there are no fireworks going on, but they can still hear them further away, so wait for him to emerge of his own accord.  If your cat stays hidden for a long time, make sure there will be food and water available when they do come out.  If your cat doesn't hide, she/he may want extra cuddles and reassurance.

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