How To Enjoy The Summer With Pets

It is nearly summertime and we are so excited to be able to spend extra quality time with our pups. And, the warm, dry weather makes it even easier to spend time with our pets. From the beach fireworks to delicious snacks to camping trips, there is sure to be an activity for everyone.  If you are looking for ways to enjoy the summer with your pet this summer then look no further! Keep reading to discover seven of our favorite ways to pass the time with dogs! 

#Frenz4th Pro Pack 

The #Frenz4th Pro Pack has all of the essentials that your pets might need to stay zen on the 4th of July. Between the loud firework displays and interacting with so many new people, it comes as no surprise that the 4th is one of the most stressful holidays for pets. To help reduce the anxiety of the day we recommend starting the day by adding some Zen Drops to your pet’s food or water. If you are planning to celebrate somewhere outside of your home we suggest bringing one of our delicious flavors of Zen Bites, either Peanut Butter and Honey or Bacon and Beef! Both types of Zen Bites offer natural calming support, delicious flavors, and resealable packaging. And finally, if you are planning to leave your dog home alone while you go celebrate then we would encourage you to try using Zen Frenz Peanut Butter on a lick mat. That way your pet is preoccupied and getting incremental calming benefits even after you leave. With these four products, we know your pets will feel much more relaxed and comfortable this 4th of July. Get the #Frenz4th Pro Pack for only $85 with FREE SHIPPING today! 

Go On An Adventure

Summertime means pet playtime! It’s the perfect season for adventure and camping with our friends and pets. Whether you’re a backpacker that goes on journeys for days or a day-tripper, your dog can be a great addition to your summer adventures. Make sure you prepare your dog, research the destination, pack the right gear, and have fun. We enjoy exploring lakes, new hiking trails, and forest campgrounds!

Make New Treats 

There are so many yummy and easy-to-make summer treats for pets. All of these recipes can be made with pet-CBD so your pets can enjoy their treats while getting zen. Some of our favorite summer recipes are peanut butter and jam frozen treats, coconut drops, s’mores, and breath freshening minty freezies. Many of the recipes even use ingredients that you probably have laying around the house and some come together in less than 30 minutes. 

Watch The Sunset

Sometimes it is nice to have a peaceful evening and take a break from the chaos of everyday life. If you or your pet find yourself getting overwhelmed or if you just want to look at a pretty view, then we suggest grabbing a blanket and going to your favorite lookout point to watch the sunset. Before the sunsets, you can play with your pup and then curl up together while it gets dark. 

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