5 Pet Costumes for the Fourth of July

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As the Fourth of July is coming up and everyone is grabbing their loved ones to celebrate this holiday this year you want to be looking the best as possible. You also want your pets to look at the best they can be. Everyone wants their pet to be the center of attention because of all the compliments they can get! Thinking of ideas of how to dress your pet up might be hard, so here are five ideas you can try!


  1. Spray paint your dog as the flag!
  • Now this might seem a little crazy, but why not?! You would be the owner with the spray-painted dog! It might be a little difficult to do but would be the most noticed! Get red, white, and blue and start going crazy! Be careful in where you put the spray paint and make sure it wouldn’t affect your pet.
  1. Cut up fabric and sew together an American flag looking bandana!
  • This idea is a total DIY option! If you are creative and can figure out how to make a bandana for your pet to use, do it! It is such a cute look! All you need is red, white, and blue fabric as well as a sewing machine! Make it looking like the American Flag! Might be hard, but it is patriotic!
  1. Make a red, white, and blue headband
  • Headbands are always so cute to put on your pet! You can make them so unique as well! One idea is to add red, white and blue pom poms to the headband! That can add some spice as well as it can look like it is representing fireworks!
  1. Tie dye a shirt for your pet
  • If you have an old, unwanted t-shirt of yours that is either small enough or big enough to fit your pet, tie dye it! It can be a fun activity and the creativity available is crazy!
  1. Buy a costume from the store with accessories!
  • The easiest way to get your pet dressed up for this holiday is to go to the store, spend some money, and get a cute costume for your pet! While it might not be as creative as the others, you are still going the extra mile to get your pet dressed up for this holiday!


Now you have some ideas of how you get dress your pet up for the Fourth of July. Last year, this holiday wasn’t celebrated much because of COVID-19. This means you will hear lots of fireworks this year! To help with that, especially if you dog or cat will be around, try our Zen Bites, CBD Drops, or even our calming chews. The Zen Bites and CBD Drops have CBD in them. The calming chews do not but can still help your pet be calm. We have a buy one get one free sale going on as well! Buy one 500 mg and get a Zen Bites for FREE! Don’t miss it!

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