10 Things You Do That Annoy Your Dog

There are definitely things you could probably say that your dog does that annoys you, but your dog cannot speak and tell you what annoys them about you, so I’m here to speak on behalf of your pup. There are probably a few things you already know that you do that annoy your dog. For example, I know my dog hates when I blow air into his face, but it is kind of hilarious. You are supposed to annoy your friends and pets a little bit, right?


Dogs do not love being stared at for a long period of time because they can interpret this as a challenge. Just think about how your dog stares down a squirrel. You may not have too much of an issue with staring at your own dog, but try to dissuade your friends or family from attempting to maintain eye contact for an extended period of time. 


While people hug for a variety of reasons, including to comfort and to show affection. However, dogs do not love tight hugs for strangers and maybe do not love getting them from you too regularly either. Canines do not have this habit of embrace. In fact, when dogs put their paws on another dog’s body, it is usually an attempt at control or domination.


No one likes loud noises especially when those noises are angry ones. Your dog will take this angry noise to mean trouble. It tends to scare rather than effectively shut down poor behavior. You can try a deep tone instead to demonstrate you want your dog’s attention. This will help get your dog's attention rather than getting them scared or irritated or annoyed.


Some good hearted teasing is pretty typical between friends and even with your dog by not letting your dog get a toy is light hearted but never letting your dog get a toy is mean. Children typically are guilty of taking teasing a dog too far. This can happen from barking back at them, moving their feeding dish, or pulling their ears.

Too Much Alone Time

Being alone for too long can really annoy your dog. Dogs are social animals just like humans. Your dog can develop physiological issues such as separation anxiety or destructive behaviors. Too much alone time may even result in a reversal of good behavior. If you are not able to be around, have a friend or family member spend time with them.

Interrupted Sleep

Do not wake your dog up abruptly when they are sleeping. Just as you most likely do not like having your sleep disturbed, they don't either, so do not act as their alarm clock. Allow them to wake up naturally. If your dog is older, has impaired hearing, or is an exceptionally deep sleeper, being touched by someone can scare them.

After hearing what annoys your dog, you can try to make sure you do not annoy them on a day to day basis. What annoys your dog?

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