Zen Frenz Has a Podcast?

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Zen Frenz Has a Podcast?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

If you are not following ZenFrenz on Instagram and you don’t look into new podcasts often, then you may not know that Zen Frenz started a podcast a few weeks/over a month ago. If you are a pet owner or a pet lover then the podcast is definitely worth checking out! 

What is Zen Frenz?

From the Zen Frenz mission statement, “Zen Frenz aims to be the future of pet wellness. We are dedicated to building a passionate community of pet owners who strive to bring themselves and their Frenz the best lives possible.” 

Zen Frenz offers a range of pet wellness products such as CBD Zen Drops, CBD Zen Bites, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Infused Shampoo and more! The products help with a variety of pet problems including (but not limited to) stress and anxiety relief, mobility/joint support, anti-itching support, and appetite stimulation. The products can be purchased at ZenFrenz.com or in person at the Melrose Trading Post every Sunday.  But Zen Frenz is more than just a line of pet wellness products, Zen Frenz is a holistic brand that focuses on creating a community of passionate pet owners and strives to improve the lives of both humans and pets. 

What is the podcast about?

The podcast is hosted by Zen Frenz founder Alex Gray and each week he invites a pet owner/pet Instagram account to come on the show and interviews them on their experience as a pet owner. For example, the first episode featured Emily McCormick, the owner of two huskies, Halo and Khaleesi from Bad Axe, Michigan. The podcast is especially enticing because the stories are so diverse. Some episodes make you want to cry as you hear about the awful conditions in which pet owners found their pets, while others highlight hilarious times spent with their pups. Also, you certainly don’t have to be a pet owner to listen! The podcast is great for anyone with pets, without pets, looking for pets and everyone else in between. 

Where can I listen?

You can listen on all major podcast streaming platforms including Audible, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts for free! Not only are the podcasts easy to access but they are also great to listen to in the car, while working out or on the plane. 

Here are a couple links to the podcast!

-‎Zen Frenz Podcast on Apple Podcasts

-Zen Frenz Podcast | Podcasts on Audible

-Spotify - Zen Frenz Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

How long is each episode?

Each episode is around 30 minutes to an hour, the perfect length for a workout at the gym, walk around the neighborhood, drive to work, or just a midday work break! We especially love listening to multiple episodes in a row on long car rides/road trips, they really make the time fly by. 

Not sure if you want to commit to a whole episode yet?

If you are still on the fence about the podcast feel free to check out Zen Frenz on Instagram! There you can not only learn more about the brand but you can also hear short segments of the podcast! 

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