Why We’re Thankful For Our Pets

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At Zen Frenz we’re dedicating the month of November to gratitude, which means we’re thinking about what we’re most thankful for. In a couple of weeks, it will be time to gather with our friends and family, but it’s never too soon to be grateful! One thing we love the most is our pets; keep reading to find out why we are thankful for our pets this giving season.


Pets are our most constant and consistent friends because they will always be there for us through good times and bad. They’re never too busy for us and will be waiting for us when we need them most. We love them as walking partners who keep us company on those brisk autumn mornings. Our pets are the best listening buddies and stress relievers. Coming home each day to wagging tails and kisses is the best thing our furry companions can offer.


Waking up to our pets is the best form of daily motivation. On the days where it sounds better to stay in bed, our pets get us up to feed their bowl and take them on a walk. They teach us responsibility and the importance of establishing a routine. We are thankful for our pets who give us structure and get us to go outside.


Pets enhance both our physical and mental health. Our pets need physical exercise, but so do we! Playing with our cats or walking our dogs holds us accountable and keeps us active. They do more than just improve our physical health, they warm our hearts and keep our minds at ease. Studies have shown they even lower rates of anxiety and increase our life spans!

Unconditional Love

Our relationships with our pets are the best examples of unconditional love. Pets accept us as we are, and give us unwavering loyalty. We are grateful for them because they love us and they teach us how to love people in the same way. Raising pets takes a lot of patience from us and from them; we may get frustrated, but the love we hold for our pets reminds us to stay patient.


Here at Zen Frenz we are so grateful for our pets who have helped us create a wonderful community of passionate pet owners. Every day that we get to bond with other pet owners is a great one and we have our pets to thank for that. Whether it be online, at the dog park, or in a coffee shop, our pets give us endless opportunities to make new friends and connections with other people and animals!

The best way to show your pets how thankful you are for them is to get them a thoughtful gift. For all of the problems our pets help us solve, we can help ease some of theirs as well. Our Zen Bites are packed with Organic Hemp Seed Powder, Beef Liver, Flax Seed, and Sweet Potato. They provide stress and anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory support, and appetite stimulation. Rich in protein, Vitamin A, Omega-3, and anti-oxidants, Zen Bites are the perfect way to tell our pets we appreciate them.

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